While E-commerce is a fairly common term these days, many businesses don't realize its potential.

Being a subset of the business where products and services are advertised, bought and sold over the Internet, it is amongst the cleverest means to leverage your position in the market.

Many businesses have become extremely profitable through online sales. Dell Computers is a prime example. Small companies and even individuals can also market their products or services on a worldwide basis through e-commerce. Large companies can reduce sales and stocking costs by selling online.

What do you need for this?
Just as in traditional commerce, there are certain elements required to perform online business. You must:
  • Promote your E-commerce Web site presence
  • Have an online catalogue or store
  • Have the capability to receive payments via a Payment gateway, or offline
  • Be able to deliver the items and services
  • Provide after sales support
  • Provides efficient and affordable maintenance services
Our Ecommerce Strengths

Our wide ranging skills and experience in developing e-commerce applications can handle any web based requirement you propose to us. At Smartech Interactive, the following advantages make sure that your e-commerce project is a success:

In-house dedicated and highly skilled team of ecommerce developers who are prepared to meet challenge.

Skills range from PHP, MySQL, to ASP, ASP.NET and MS SQL 200x.

Over 10 years of experience in implementing web based applications with Ecommerce capabilities.

Highly skilled Ecommerce website design team with experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as FLASH.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization and promotion to make the ecommerce project a success.

Dedicated teams to update and maintain your ecommerce portal or train your team to do the same.

If you have the germ of an idea for developing an e-Commerce project for it, we may be the vehicle you require to realize your dream project.

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