In a straight forward manner, it is the means through which the user communicates with the information device

that may include display screen, keyboard, mouse, light pen, appearance of desktop, illuminated characters, help messages and the procedure for inviting an application program and a website and respond for the same.

A powerful program with a poorly designed interface has little value. Interfaces are of different kinds – Command-driven interface, Menu-driven interface and Graphical User interface. The most commonly used interfaces on personal computers nowadays are the Graphical User Interfaces that expends windows, icons and pop-ups.

How the Smartech Design Department can help your business?

One of our recent successful campaigns was with the world’s second best online pharmacy, mChemist, in which we assisted them with the designing of their entire e-commerce portal that highlights better services and flexibility to buy controlled prescription medicines and over-the-counter products in the pharmaceutical segment.

With this kind of user-friendly platform, the customers were able to find better accessibility and timely delivery of orders along with the order tracking facility of the SKUs shipped from the pharmacy till the delivery of the product that gives complete transparency of the process along with the customer satisfaction that develops credibility towards the product.

Easy navigation and regular update of the website makes it all time appealing to the users. The nimble appearance of pop-up window introduced for the quick access to expert dieticians has been appreciated a lot by the users. Now, the users can experience a customized service right at their doorstep as they can register their prescription by just clicking its photograph.

Once the customer adds a product in his cart then there is a step-by-step procedure that he has to use to check-out the shopping cart window. With the flexible payment options, it is very convenient for the customers to pay through different modes that are visible right on the display screen on the concerned page of the website.

We have taken special care of our senior citizens and working population by making them privileged with the dosage reminders due to which they will never find gaps in their medical regime. But suppose they are finished with their medicine without getting finished with their regime, then the website has been so designed, that the patients will get the refill reminders once they became short of the required medicines.

Another good feature is that not a single health problem is left out for humans and even animals can be treated through the medicines available at mChemist. Once the website came live, the users got increased by 80,000. This became possible only with the comprehensive Content Management System.

Another example we can think of is Fx Pure that was an e-commerce site for buying gold or silver. A website that is first of its kind. Managing the coin specifications, regularly updating the site regarding the festive offers, notification of Gift vouchers and reminders for redeeming the same would not be possible without the robust CMS we have.

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